Match 3 Wishes
  The Match 3 Wishes Genie combines your numbers so that matching 3 of the numbers drawn guarantees you a 3 number prize. Matching more than 3 guarantees greater winnings! The cost to play a set of numbers is slightly higher than the Mini Magic Genie but the payback is also higher when you match 3 or more of the winning numbers and you also get the benefit of being able to combine a lot of numbers for only a fraction of the cost of playing every possible combination!
  Click on the PRIZE TABLES button to see the absolute minimum number of prizes you should win and the odds of winning bigger prizes based on how many winning numbers you matched using the Match 3 Wishes Genie.

See the Match 3 Wishes Genie in action with our demonstration! Click the DEMO button below. Click Here to see a winning ticket from one of our LOTTO GENIE customers!